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We understand that without quality service, the best quality product is average or worse. Our service before, during and after the installation is as important to us as acquiring new business.

We analyze your location, test your water, and recommend the best solution.

In small residential applications, testing is completed on the spot.  For more complicated situations, we send your samples to one of our lab partners and get answers back in a day or two.

The best solution is dependent on your water quality, location and goals.

We use our experience, knowledge of your location and ability to select from a wide variety of products to recommend the best, most cost-effective water quality solution for you.

We understand that price is an object, and that quality is paramount.

We recommend the best solution, not the most expensive one.  We'll work with you on whether to rent or buy equipment to keep it within your budget.  And the result has to be water quality that will excite you and improve your life, without breaking the bank.

We've been at this since 1965, so we know how to get it right.

Big Sky Water Conditioning couldn't have been successful this long without a company culture of getting it right the first time.  We carefully install the equipment we've agreed is right for the job, configure it and test it thoroughly before we go.  It's a cliché, but we really aren't satisfied until you are.

We make sure you understand what you're getting and how to make it work properly.

How many times has a technician come to your location, installed or repaired something, and just left?  We know that your satisfaction depends on knowing what you have, what it's doing and when to replace filters or get service.  And if you find you don't understand something, we're a phone call away.

Things break, even ours.  If you need us, we'll be there and get you back in business quickly.

We'll help you whether the equipment is ours or not.  A lot of our business is the repair or replacement of equipment installed by others.  We know how it all works and the cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement.  When we leave, you'll have a system that will hum along for a long time to come.

Softening equipment usually needs salt.  We make sure you're on a set schedule, and we don't miss a delivery.

While not all softening equipment needs salt, our experience is that softening equipment that works does.  It's not that much fun to haul in heavy bags of salt when you need it, so we do it for you at minimal cost.

Some customers just want great-tasting water to show up at their door, so we bring filtered water on a "clear" schedule.

Whether you own a residence or operate a business, great-tasting filtered water makes life much more enjoyable.  If you don't want to filter your own or pipe water to a refrigerator, bottled water can be a great option.  We set up your dispenser and deliver water regularly.

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